Amazing daddies melt the hardest of hearts.  Here are a few that brought tears to our eyes...


1.  Ryan Reynolds.  OK, so it's not that hard to cry over Ryan Reynolds but when he gave the following advice to expecting parent Seth Meyers on Late Night Seth he sent a string of hormonal females into meltdown:  "A human being will exit your wife, so she's done enough. Just change the diapers and do all that".  And his ideal superpower would be the ability to reenact any 80's music video.  We Love Him.

2.  DaddyDoinWork blogger Doyin Richards.  His article on why good dads are so likeable totally hits the spot.  He's all for showing affection, being silly, letting mums know they are appreciated and getting up in the middle of the night after a day's work to help share the sleepless night pain.  And he's written a book to help mums to empower dads.  He's Doyin' good things (sorry).  Check out his Facebook page and his articles on Upworthy.

3. David Motola a.k.a Bearded Piano. If you haven't seen his video of the lullaby he plays to his baby, you need to. It's just so sweet. Any Dad that can get a baby to sleep that easily is a hero in our eyes. Watch his lovely piano playing here.

4. Lunchbox Dad. His lunch boxes are so creative and fun, and surprisingly easy to recreate. Check out his website for lots of tips on how to make being a busy parent easier, and a giggle at his fun blogs and world famous lunch box creations.

5. Danny Arnold. He dressed up as Superman for the walk to school so his little girl wouldn't feel silly going to school dressed as Batman for a dressing-up day. We love the pic of them walking in together like there's nothing out of the ordinary. You're our superhero Danny! See the story here.

6. The Dadventurer. Any stay at home Dad deserves a big high five but Dave, the Dadventurer, has dived in head first and keeps us informed, entertained and amused regularly. We also love his little sausage dog (and we know first hand that having a dog and a baby, though handy at messy feeding times, can be like having two children occasionally, and extremely annoying when it's freezing and rainy and you still have to go for a walk... with a baby...) so an extra brownie point for taking care of Dax. Check out his awesome blog here -