let's face it, the first day back at work is not going to be fun.  tears in the toilet are likely for at least a few weeks.  but if you are going back to work, here's some things to look forward to...


1.   The journey.   Never before has a train / bus / car journey been so enjoyable.  Thirty minutes of peace.  Peace!  If you're lucky you'll get a seat and listen to your own music (rather than row the boat on repeat).

2.  Lunch.  You can eat what you want, when you want.  Without being interrupted.  And you can even have it hot!  And you can spend the first week eating blue cheese, goats cheese, rare meat and sushi to make up for the pregnancy fasting.  Yum.

3.  Conversation.  You can have Real Adult Conversation.  That doesn't involve poo, sick, your baby's inability to nap or the fact your freezer is full of unwanted homemade puree.

4.  Money.  You get paid.  Yay!  (Admittedly those beautiful heels you spied in Grazia don't seem so practical all of a sudden.  But you can replace the sick-stained tops that you've been wearing for the last six months).

5.  Quality time with baby.  You get less time with baby.  Boo :(   On the plus side, you get a power hour of fun in the evening and a whole weekend of precious baby time.  And you appreciate every single minute of it.

6.  Benefits for baby.  A recent Harvard Business School study found that daughters of working mothers have better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships.  Make this your mantra when you are suffering from working mum guilt. (p.s. don't worry stay-at-home mums.  Lots of studies showing the benefits of staying at home too!).

7.  Confidence.  It is really tough going back into the workplace.  You feel a little bit like you did when you first had a baby, like you are in a surreal world that kind of makes sense but not fully.  Give it time, and you'll find that you CAN do your job and you CAN combine it with being a mum.

8.  Efficiency.  There is nobody more efficient than a parent who wants to or has to leave at a certain time to pick up beloved baby.  You get in, rattle through the day in a fit of effectiveness, and leave on the dot to pick up baby.  Job done.

9.  Perspective.  The things that you fretted over when you were a full-time mum suddenly don't seem so important.  Did I really cry over a bottle of spilt breast milk?  Does it really matter that the laundry isn't done?  Is it the end of the world that my purees are rejected on a daily basis in favour of Ella's pouches?   (OK that one is still quite annoying).

10. Coming home.  That smile!  Those kicky little legs shaking with excitement!  Those arms reaching up for a cuddle!  It is the Best Thing Ever.




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