Twin tips

Double trouble...

Here's a few tips from our twin adviser (a friend of ours who has twins!) and the things she found most helpful with her twinnies


1. A good double buggy - most buggies can be adapted into a double that fits two carry cots, car seats or upright seats. However, when they are able to sit up, we'd recommend the Joie Aire Twin Pushchair as it's great value, lightweight and the little ones can face forwards next to each other. Also great for travelling if you've got a bulkier travel system at home. Buy here.

2. Nursing pillow - we can hardly get our heads around how you breastfeed two babies at once, but apparently it is possible and is made a million times easier by these cleverly designed nursing pillows. We hear the Peanut & Piglet pillow is the front runner in terms of comfort for mum and babies. Buy here. The Cuddles Collection pillow is also a good option.

3. A bottle making machine - even if you choose to breastfeed your twins, there will most likely be a stage where they take a bottle at some point too. Our twin mummy said she was making so many bottles the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine was her best friend, especially in the middle of the night. It makes a perfect temperature bottle of formula in seconds at the press of a button. Buy here.

4. Make sure you can fit the car seats in your car - this is especially important if you already have an older child, as some cars are more narrow than others. Three car seats alongside one another need to be carefully installed and certain seats will fit better next to others. John Lewis offer a free car seat fitting service so you can make sure you're choosing the right ones for your car before you buy. 

5. Find your local twins group - connect with other twin mums in your area by finding your local twin group on Facebook and sign up to TAMBA - the Twins and Multiple Births Association for discounts and local twin meet-ups.

6. Tiny baby clothes - twins are often much smaller than single pregnancy babies when they are born, so it's worth buying some very small clothing. John Lewis do a full range of both early baby and tiny baby sized clothing. Buy here.  Also, if you want to swaddle them or even use sleeping bags, the Gro Company Swaddle Blanket is a great option as it comes in very small sizes (and packs of two!) Buy here.

7. Twin swimming float - this amazing invention allows the twins to sit in an inflatable device whilst playing with plastic balls, whilst kicking their legs and enjoying the swimming pool. Genius! Have a look here!

8. Some help! - enlist any family member that is willing to help you out as you only have two hands!! Good luck X