Hey Big spender...


1.  Tomy Play to Learn Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs.  Babies seem to love these colourful little fellows.  Blooming inflation - these have gone up to £10.99 since we wrote this list! But they're still great value and our kids still love them at age 3 so we're keeping them on the list! Buy them here.

2. Lamaze have a lovely range of colourful toys with mirrors, rattles and different textures.  We like Captain Calamari the Octopus Pirate.

3. The Taggie comforter is covered in labels for babies to chew.  Buy it here.

4. Jellycat If I were an Elephant Book.  This soft, brightly coloured book with tags and noises is fascinating for baby.  Buy it here.

5. Alphabet Soft Cubes.  Nice soft cubes for baby to play with and for you to help them with the alphabet. Buy here.