Sorry girls, the fun has to be put on hold for a bit...


1. Smoking

2. Drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs

3. Drinking too much caffeine (decaf skinny flat white anyone?)

4. Overheating - avoid saunas, hot tubs and extreme exercise. If you have a fever see your GP straight away.

5. X-rays

6. Contact sports and any sports you didn't do on a regular basis before you were pregnant

7. Skiing, horse riding, water-skiing, snowboarding, surfing and extreme sports - these all pose a risk of falling

8. Scuba Diving - as you surface, air bubbles can form in your bloodstream which is incredibly dangerous for mother and baby.

9. Amusement park rides

10. Flying in the third trimester (the number of weeks varies depends on the airline so check before you travel)