these cute accessories (our babies) have taught us a lot...


1. The end of the bottle brush is for cleaning the inside of the bottle teat (R discovered this when her baby was 5 months old...)

2. The corner bit of plastic on the formula box is for levelling off the spoon for a perfect scoop. (R's husband had to point this out to her). There is also a handy scoop holder inside the lid of the formula box so you don't have to fish the spoon out of the powder every time.

3. The yellow stripe on pampers nappies goes blue when the nappy is wet (K was told this when baby was 4 months... how had she not noticed?!)

3. Breastmilk is the best spot cream.

4. Babies prefer playing with inanimate objects than actual toys. (See our list of household items that make great toys.)

5. Lansinoh nipple cream makes a great lip balm.

6. Muslins make great dusters.

7. The reason baby vests have the little triangle overlaps on the shoulders is because you can pull them off over the legs rather than over the head (very useful if baby has made a big mess).

8. The greatest natural highs EVER are a) Holding your baby for the first time b) Seeing your baby smile for the first time and c) Your baby sleeping through the night for the first time. You will want to tell the whole world about these.

9. Coffee is the best thing in the world.

10. Wine is joint top with coffee in the list of best things in the world.

11. It is possible to love someone so much that you don't mind them puking, urinating and pooing on you.



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