Mum: 'My Baby sleeps really well...'

First tooth: 'Mwah ha ha, not for much longer!'

Baby teeth can appear as early as 3 months and it's a really really fun time... If your baby is waking up during the night in pain, here's some things we did which seemed to help (a bit).


1. Pick your baby up for a cuddle - all the normal rules regarding sleeping go out of the window when your little one is in pain. They might just want some comfort and nod off again.

2. Rub some teething gel on those sore little gums - it numbs the area so might help your baby to get back to sleep. We like Dentinox teething gel and Bonjela.

3. Try Teetha granules - a natural remedy that will hopefully calm your baby and ease the pain.

4. A dummy - if you use a dummy at night already it may help your baby to relax.

5. Paracetemol based medicines - Calpol and baby Nurofen can easily be administered with a syringe and help with pain relief. (Only for use after 2 months of age. Read the enclosed leaflet before administering).

6. Some mums swear by amber ankle bracelets - amber is a natural analgesic.   The little beads might be a choking hazard though so we recommend only using with great care.

7. Lots of coffee the following day - and some heavy make up....