It's amazing how many of these a little tummy can hold...

It's important to get your baby used to finger foods, but never leave your little one eating without supervision and make sure they are sitting upright during snack time.


From 7 months

1. Rice cakes, crackers & bread sticks

Annabel Karmel tomato flavoured rice and corn snacks.

Organix carrot sticks

Farley's rusks - a good thing to start your baby on to get used to finger foods

Ella's grab me melty puffs, tomato and leek flavour

2. Fruity snacks

Heinz fruity banana custard pots - these little plastic pots they come in can be re-used to store baby food - bonus!

Hipp Organic just fruit pots

Ella's fruit smoothie pouches - so many yummy, healthy flavours and easy to transport with screw top lids.

Mashed up fresh banana.

3. Biscuits

Heinz biscotti - these are so tasty, it's usually 'one for baby, one for Mummy'



From 10 months

1. Rice cakes, crackers & breadsticks

Ella's melty hoops

2. Biscuits

Ella's grip me baby biscuits ginger & apple flavour



From 12 months

1. Rice cakes, crackers & bread sticks

Organix cheese crackers

Annabel Karmel cheese breadsticks

2. Fruity snacks

Raisins - Organix Goodies mini boxes are handy to take out and about.

Fruit Bowl raspberry flakes

Soft and oaty bars - Organix do a wide selection of flavours

Fresh fruit - your baby should be able to manage tangerine pieces, apple slices (or even a whole apple to bite into), banana, pear slices by now.

3. Biscuits

Organix Goodies organic animal biscuits