you have sung, danced and rocked... and now you'rE exhausted.  Try some of these sleep aids to help your baby to settle...


1.   White noise.  Babies love white noise.  It reminds them of being in the womb apparently.  You can buy white noise machines, or download various sounds (white noise, cars, rain, hairdryers) from Youtube.   We recommend the Sound Sleeper app, which plays a variety of sounds to soothe baby, has a listen mode that activates sounds when your baby cries, and records your babies sleeping patterns to help you analyse them.  As baby gets older, try audio books instead.  We've heard the Radio 4 shipping forecast also works a treat!

2. Mobiles.  These traditional nursery accessories still do the job, and help with settling baby into a routine (associating the music with sleep).  There is a lot of choice - for inspiration look in Mothercare.  Make sure the mobile will fit your cot - if you have a cot with a thick top bar you might find many mobiles can't be easily fitted.  Some mobiles play a choice of songs, Brahms Lullaby seems to be a favourite.  If you want to buy something a bit special, the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother is gorgeous.

3. Twinkly lights.  Let your baby gaze at the stars as he/she settles down.  We like this calming light projector.

4. Toys or security blankets.  This little dude, Taggies Petals Hedgehog, from JoJo Maman Bebe, is soft, cute, and has tags everywhere for baby to chew.

5. Dummies.  Yes, they seem to be extremely controversial and people love expressing an opinion on if/how/when they should be used.  If anyone can tell us why please write in.... we don't know that many 18 year olds still needing a dummy to sleep! Orthodontic dummies are our faves and Tommee Tippee do a great selection with a cute range of designs and glow in the dark ones for ease at night. If you later have problems trying to take the dummy away try the dummy fairy trick - help your little one bury the dummy in a box for the fairy, who leaves a box full of treats overnight to say thank you.