CHEcklist...what you need for baby number 2

HEre we go again


If your eldest child is nearing or over two, you can reuse most of your existing stuff for the new baby, however we found the following things we’re helpful to buy before our second bundle of joy came along...


1. Double Buggy and/or Buggy Board - one of the most challenging things with two is getting out and about. You may be able to convert your existing buggy into a double, but the new bits can be pricey and it often becomes a bulky contraption to push around! If your first child still needs a buggy, we’d recommend the Phil & Ted’s Sport for a lightweight, versatile and long lasting option -it can easily carry two toddlers or a toddler and a newborn. We also love the Mountain Buggy Duet, as there are advantages in having the two sitting next to each other. The buggy board is by far our favourite thing since increasing our broods. Toddlers absolutely love them and it’s a great way to keep them safe when crossing the road or if they get tired walking. Each buggy brand sells their own with a hefty price tag but we prefer the universal Lascal Buggy Board. 

2. New mattress - safety regulations recommend a new mattress for your Moses basket or cot. We like the John Lewis range. Buy here.

3. New change mat - nice for the littlest one to have a fresh mat for their nappy changes! We like the wedge mats so the baby is less likely to roll off,.

4. Bottles - depending on the state of your existing bottles and how much they’ve been used, you may be able to reuse them but it’s a good idea to get some new teats if you plan on bottle feeding. We are big fans of the Philips Avent Range.

5. Gift from the baby to the older sibling - just to soften the blow... something big and exciting to make your life easier!! 

6. Batch cooking - If you have any spare time on your hands (you won’t feel like you do, but when number two comes along you’ll wonder how it was ever so hard with one!), it’s a good idea to prepare some meals to freeze so you and your partner won’t have to think about cooking, or going to the shops once the new baby arrives. You can just stick a pre-cooked lasagne, pie, spag bol, soup, stew in the oven during those hazy evenings of the first few weeks. Or you could always just buy a load from the supermarket instead and put your feet up while you can...

7. Have a look back at our Preparing for Baby's Arrival list for everything you need to get down from the loft before your next little person arrives :)