When you've experienced all these and got through to the other side, you've graduated from human being to parent with flying colours


1. Being pregnant

Well done for getting through this stage, we didn't particularly love being pregnant and it's OK to admit that feeling sick for three months, having aches and pains, unable to get comfy in bed, and lugging around an extra half stone isn't the most wonderful experience of your life. But if it is - amazing! (And we are very jealous!)

2. Giving birth

Again we didn't think this was the most wonderful experience of our lives. We found it pretty sore. And a bit long. But it has to be done. And the reward at the end IS the most wonderful thing EVER so the whole being pregnant thing and hours and hours of labour are all worth it. But if you have a fab experience of giving birth, we are, again, seriously envious, well done!

3. Poonami

Getting pooed on just has to happen to every parent (doesn't it?) And then there's the day you get vomited all over in public... Oh, and snot. Snot is just an accessory you wear regularly like a brooch...

4. Baby falling off something

You'll feel horrendously guilty when your little one topples off the bed, sofa, change table but it happens to all of us. And they are just too quick! Lesson learnt...

5. The all-nighter(s)

Teething, nocturnal new born, growth spurts, temperature, jabs... Whatever the reason all-nighters don't get easier. It's just part of the job... (The answer is always lots and lots of caffeine and lots and lots of make up)

6. Baby brain

Forgetting to pack a change of clothes for the baby when you're out and about - tick.

Leaving your wallet in the car/ at home and realising when you're at the checkout - tick.

Losing your mobile phone and then finding it in the fridge - tick.

Waving furiously at someone who you then realise you don't actually know - tick.

Realising you left your boot open as you return from doing a supermarket shop... Just me? Oh...

7. Getting frustrated

Yelling at your screaming baby when they just won't stop crying and then feeling terrible and spending half an hour apologising and showering them with kisses is totally understandable and acceptable. And their face when you do it (that split second of confusion before they continue screaming, even louder) makes you feel even worse. N.B This is usually caused by a scenario of extreme pressure. Like being stuck in stationary traffic when it's feeding time. Most. Stressful. Situation. Ever.

8. Heart explosions

These are daily occurrences now our babies are approaching one and their little personalities are coming out. But they began at the first smile, the first wave, clap, hug, 'mama' and they just keep coming.

9. The day(s) when you cry a lot

It's totally ok to spend the day in your pyjamas and cry and feel sorry for yourself. We've all been there. Sending hugs to all mummies feeling this way.

10. Pride

We often catch ourselves just watching our babies and smiling to ourselves and we want the whole world to look at them and see how great and wonderful and amazing and gorgeous and funny and cute they are. This feeling makes all the all-nighters and the crying days and the poonamis worth it.


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