Rainy day activities

IT’s Raining, it’s pouRing, mummy is snoring...


A few ideas to keep you sane when it decides to rain.


1. Messy play - some of you may not be too keen to embark on this one in their own home (we are in that camp too!) but it’s a great one if you’ve had a few wet days in a row and are pulling your hair out. Cook some spaghetti, make some jelly, grab the shaving foam and stick them in some bowls on top of a disposable tablecloth. Strip your child down to their nappy. Hours of fun!

2. Play dough - again, it’s a pain and gets everywhere but they love it. You can buy amazing sets like this sweet and ice cream maker set. 

3. Painting - The old disposable tablecloth comes in handy again, let them go crazy with the paints and you’ll have happy kids on your hands. These washable paints are great and you can’t buy all the brushes and tools you need here.

4. Games - not all rainy day activities have to be messy! Hide and seek, I spy (using colours rather than letters, eg I spy something coloured red...), jigsaw puzzles, find the toy, shopping lists are all great home based games. 

5. Baking - we mainly love testing the results and licking the spoon! Biscuits, cupcakes, cakes and muffins are all super easy to make with kids and they love it! For inspiration, we love The Big Baking Book By Ella’s Kitchen