We were given a similar list to this one by a friend before we had our babies and found it very useful (and a bit overwhelming!)



1. Buggy (a buggy that converts from a flat bassinet to a reclining seat is useful. We like the Uppababy Vista and the Bugaboo Cameleon but see our list of best buggies for more ideas)

2. Car seat (safety first...we recommend the Maxi-Cosi pebble for baby's first car seat, but there's more on our list of the best car seats)

3. Baby carrier or sling (there are many varieties, see our list of the best baby carriers)


1. Cot

2. Moses basket and stand (not essential as you can put baby straight into a cot)

3. Mattress and sheets for cot and/or moses basket

4. Cellular blankets for cot and/or moses basket

5. Thicker blanket for buggy (we love these print blankets from John Lewis)

6. Monitor.  See our list of best monitors

7. Black-out blinds - you can buy travel ones which are useful if the baby is sleeping in your room to begin with. Buy here. We also love a product called Blindsides which stop the light escaping from the sides of your blinds - genius invention and a must in the summer months. Buy here.

Nappy changing

1. Nappies (newborn size, you’ll need up to 10 a day to start, we like Pampers New Baby)

2. Changing table (see our list of nursery essentials for a few of our favourites)

3. Changing mat

4. Muslins (around 10)

5. Cotton wool squares and/or baby wipes (baby wipes more useful when you are out and about, we like water wipes)

6. Nappy cream (we like Bepanthen)

7. Nappy bags

8. Nappy bin (not essential, but Tommee Tippee does a good one)


1. Vests (5 newborn to start with)

2. Babygrows (5 – ideally button up with integrated scratch mitts to start with)

3. Hats (2 – cotton)


1. E45 cream

2. Flannels

3. Baby bath (see our list of best bath supports)

4. Non-biological washing detergent

5. Napisan or Vanish (baby poo can stain - Napisan disinfects as well)


1. Baby nail scissors

2. Bath thermometer (the Avent flower doubles as a room thermometer)

3. Body thermometer

4. Infant paracetamol or ibuprofen (e.g Calpol or Nurofen - only to be used after 2 months of age)


1. Breast pump (if you plan on expressing - we like the medela swing)

2. Bottles

3. Baby bottle brush

4. Steriliser - we like the Philips Avent microwave steriliser

5. Formula cartons/bottles (even if you plan on breastfeeding, these are useful in case of problems – which we both had! The ready made Aptamil 70ml bottles with teats are useful).

For mum

1. Maternity bras (around 4. It's worth investing in good quality ones. Heidi Klum has a great range)

2. Breast pads (we like the Lansinoh ones best)

3. Lansinoh nipple cream

4. Maternity sanitary pads

5. Button up pyjamas for easy breastfeeding at night

6. Changing bag, including changing mat (see our list of the best changing bags)

7. Breastfeeding tops or stretchy v neck tops

8. Pashmina or breast feeding apron