Ah pregnancy.  All the love and joy you bring.  Along with some other little presents that we didn't ask for...


1.  Morning sickness.   Oh you're a joy aren't you!  And not even just confined to the mornings.  Fortunately morning sickness is seen as a sign that things are working properly and for most women it disappears around week ten (apparently when the placenta develops).  If you are suffering as badly as we did, take a look at our list of ways to ease the nausea here.

2. Needing to wee.  All the time.  Due to pressure on your bladder and increased blood to your kidneys.  Try not to sneeze...

3. Burping and farting.  All that progesterone relaxing your muscles, also relaxes your gastrointestinal tract.  Hence the extra gas.  Blame the dog.

4. Heartburn.  Caused for the same reason as the burping and farting.  Not by baby having a full head of hair, as the old wives tale goes.

5. Bleeding gums.  Another one caused by 'changing hormones'.  Those hormones have a lot to answer for.

6. Excessive saliva and a tinny taste in your mouth.  This one is just weird.

7. Constipation.  Progesterone again.  Drink lots of water and eat tomatoes... and if that fails then ask your doctor who may prescribe a low dose laxative.  Otherwise you might aggravate....

8. Haemorrhoids.  Swollen blood vessels up your bum.  Hoo-bloody-ray.  Not one of the joys of pregnancy you'll be sharing on facebook.  Can be treated with cream or suppositories.

9. Urine infections.  Pregnant women are more susceptible to them because they find it harder to fully empty their bladder.  You should be tested at your midwife appointments.

10. Discharge.  More of it than usual, it's a bit icky.  And you may get a little bit of spotting in early pregnancy around the time that your period would have been due.  (If you have frequent spotting or heavy bleeding contact your GP asap).

11. Swollen ankles.  Good excuse to get baby daddy or another happy helper to massage your poor tired feet.




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