Hooray! You're pregnant! After celebrating with some non-alcoholic beverages, here's some other things you can do...


First trimester

1. Go to your GP.  They will explain what appointments and scans you will need, your birthing options, and will help you book into your hospital of choice.

2. Start taking folic acid and vitamin D, if you are not already doing so, as it helps with the development of a healthy foetus.  We took Pregnacare tablets which include the correct level of folic acid plus other vitamins for a healthy pregnancy.

3. Prepare for morning sickness.  This can hit at any time during the day unfortunately and tends to last until the end of the first trimester.  It's always worth having a dry snack by the bed / in your handbag / at work in case of emergency.  See our list of tips for coping with morning sickness here.

Second trimester

4. Join an NCT antenatal group or sign up for NHS classes in your local area.  It will help you prepare and meet people in your local area.

5. Apply Bio Oil to your growing bump to prevent stretch marks

6. Buy some comfy maternity clothes (see our best maternity wear list)

7. Talk to your employer about maternity leave/pay (you don't need to inform them until 24 weeks).  If self-employed apply for maternity allowance (click here for online application)

8. Send off for your maternity exemption card (ask your midwife for an application form)

9. Claim your free Bounty pack

10. Do some gentle exercises (see our pregnancy exercises list)

11. Start buying the things you need for baby's arrival (see our baby stuff list)

12. Decorate the Nursery (see our nursery essentials list)

13. Think about names (see our sources of baby names list for inspiration)

Third trimester

14. Practice the drive to the hospital

15. Pack your hospital bag (see our hospital bag list)

16. Plan a baby shower (send our baby shower gift list to your friends!)

17. Spend quality time with your partner (go to the cinema, go out for dinner)

18. Sleep! (A maternity pillow will make this comfier)

19. Drink raspberry leaf tea (after 32 weeks), and if baby is late, take a look at our list of ways to get things moving.

20. Check out the rest of this website to see what a rollercoaster of excitement you are in for over the next 12 months!