It's good to be organised - you never know when the little one might decide it's go time...



1. Dressing Gown

2. Flip flops (to walk to shower in - the bathroom floors in labour wards are often unpleasant)

3. Night shirt - 2 (button down so easy to breast feed. Buy here)

4. Socks (your feet can get cold during labour - these ones are super cosy)

5. Snacks - sweets, bananas* and cereal bars are good for energy

6. Water and/or energy drinks

7. Phone Charger*

8. Maternity notes*

9. Phone*

10. Camera

11. Flannel

12. Towel

13. Maternity Pads (take lots- you don’t know how long you could be in there!)

14. Nipple Cream (Lansinoh is the best)

15. Toothbrush and toothpaste*

16. Shower Gel

17. Shampoo

18. Moisturiser

19. Lipbalm (Lansinoh nipple cream makes a great lip balm though!)

20. Make up*

21. Hairbrush

22. Breast Pads (again, take lots)

23. Disposable knickers or very large cheap cotton knickers (if you have to have stitches you will be very thankful for baggy pants!)

24. Change of clothes

25. Magazines

26. Dettol wipes (the bathrooms can be rather stomach churning)

27. Tens machine (can help with contraction pain. You can buy them here or hire them from various places including Boots online. It's a good idea to ask your partner to have a practice with it a few weeks before your due date so you both know how to work it and which settings are comfortable. Read the instructions before use and don't use it yourself (mum) before you go into labour).

28. Arnica tablets (to help reduce bruising and swelling)

29. Glasses/ contact lenses*

30. Bikini Top (if planning on using the birthing pool)


1. Change of clothes

2. Snacks

3. Phone (don't play on it though or your wife may throw it at you)

4. Wallet (you may need change for the hospital car park so think about this well in advance)


1. Car Seat (you wont be allowed to leave hospital without one - see our list of best car seats.)

2. Baby grows x 4 (we took some tiny baby ones as well as newborn size - you don't know how big or small your little one might be)

3. Vests x 4 (we like the wrap over ones so you don't have to pull them down over baby's head. Buy here)

4. Blanket x 2 (this John Lewis one is super cute)

5. Nappies - 30 x Size 1 (we like Pampers new baby)

6. Snow suit (if due in winter months)

7. Hat

8. Muslin x 4

9. Scratch mitts

10. Cotton wool squares - pack of 60

* = for Dad to pack at the last minute, just before you leave for hospital.