A dirty weekend has a whole new meaning now...


1. Nappies - pack of 24

2. Baby wipes x 1 packs

3. Bottles x 4 (if bottle feeding)

4. Milton tablets x 4. An easy way to sterilise without packing that bulky plastic box.

5. Bottle brush

6. Outfits for the baby x 2

7. Sleepsuits x 2

8. Sleeping bag x 1

9. Nappy cream - Sudocrem do travel sized tubs.

10. Muslins x 2

11. Baby carrier (if you're planning on doing any countryside walking)

12. Small toys x 2

13. Monitor

14. Buggy or foldable pushchair

15. Dummies

16. The contents of your change bag - see our change bag essentials list.


1. Travel cot, mattress and sheets. Some hotels will provide these for you. (See our list of the best travel cots here).

2. Formula (if formula feeding) x 1 box/bottle - you can always buy it there if you want to save space.

3. Towel - your accommodation may provide these for you.

4. Baby bath wash and shampoo

5. Snoozeshade - we are a big fan of this, it helps your baby to sleep anywhere (what's not to like...) Buy it here.

If travelling by car, add to the above

1. Car seat

2. Bath support (see our list of the best ones here).

3. High chair (if weaning) - we love the Ikea Antilop High Chair as it's super easy to dismantle and pack for your hols. Buy it here.

4. Some bigger toys, playmat or bouncer.