It's very easy to get carried away and spend a small fortune on baby bits. We found these are the main things you need...


1. Bed - whether it's a crib, cot or cotbed, you'll be surprised how fast your little one grows out of the Moses basket and, when you feel it's time for them to be in their own room, a bigger bed is essential. We like the John Lewis Elena Playbead Cot (buy it here), the Ikea Gonatt Cot (buy it here) and the Mamas and Papas Mia package - cot bed, under bed storage and change table all together (buy it here).

2. Mattress - A good mattress is key. We like foam mattresses, John Lewis have a great selection..

3. Change table - Obviously you can change your baby's nappy anywhere, but a change table that doubles up as storage for all those clothes and gifts people have sent you is a useful thing to have. Our faves are the Mia Dresser, The Cosatto Easi Peasi Fable Change Unit (with handy storage compartments for all your change station essentials) and the Hastings Ivory Changing Unit  from M&S. (Buying furniture from M&S also has the added bonus that they assemble it for you upon delivery - hooray!)

4. Nappy bin - some people think these are unnecessary as you can just use a normal bin, but we prefer our houses not to smell of poo, so we LOVE these. If you have more than one floor in your house, it might be worth setting up a downstairs nappy station, with an extra nappy bin there so you don have to carry your baby up and down stairs in your sleep-deprived state every time they need a change. We recommend the Tommee Tippee Sangenic nappy disposal bin. Buy it here.

5. Somewhere comfy to sit - night time feeding can go on for a loooooong time so having a nice comfy chair, sofa or bed to settle down on is a must. A glider chair is perfect. Kub Haywood gliders are exceptionally comfortable.

6. Black out blinds - Our babies were born in the spring, so during their first few months, it was very light, very early. You can buy travel black out blinds as a temporary measure if you prefer. We love the Gro company's Gro anywhere blackout blind. Buy it here. We also love a product called Blindsides which stop the light escaping from the sides of your blinds - genius invention and very easy to slot over the top of your existing curtain pole or roller blind. Buy here.

7. Monitor - see our list of top monitors.

8. Low light lamp or dimmer switches - so you can feed baby at night without blinding them as you turn the light on. We like the Pabobo musical star projector (which has the added bonus of helping your baby sleep) and this gorgeous lampshade.

9. Thermometer - very important to know what temperature the room is so that baby isn't too hot or cold.  The Gro Egg thermometer is a small egg-shaped night light that changes colour according to how warm it is, so you can easily pop your head in the room to check without disturbing baby.