If there's one routine to be a pedantic crazy neurotic parent about, this is the one...

Establishing a bedtime routine from early on allows your baby to know when it's time to sleep. Hopefully giving them (and you) the best chance of an uninterrupted night.


1. 5.45-6pm Prepare the sleeping quarters - close the curtains, put a fresh sheet on the moses basket or cot, make sure the room is the right temperature. Set aside a fresh sleepsuit, nappy and sleeping bag or swaddling blanket so that there can be a smooth transition from bath to bed. (We know all too well it's not always possible to get organised but aim to do this and if you have to frantically grab everything so be it!)

2. 6pm-6.30pm Bath - the more fun, splashy and noisy, the better. See our bathing tips.

3. 6.30pm-7pm Feed - whether you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby will find comfort in a quiet, calm and peaceful cuddly feed with you.

4. 7pm-7.30pm Bed - whatever method works best for you and your baby. Lots of books we've read bang on about teaching your baby to soothe themselves to sleep, but if you don't feel comfortable with this approach at the beginning, rock, sing, dance, play music, play white noise - whatever works to get that babe to dreamland.

5. 7.30pm Aaaaaand Relax.