So you're not stuck up sh*T creek without a baby wipe...

We love a nappy station (we'd have one in every room if our husbands would allow it!)


1. Nappies - At least 15 in the stockpile at all times. Babies need their nappies changed up to 12 times a day!! See our list of favourite nappy brands for which ones to buy.

2. Change mat

3. Muslin x 2 - one to lay on the change mat to soak up any impromptu wees and a spare one in case of repeat impromptu weeing scenarios. (If you've got a boy, you might want to put one over his willy while the nappy is off to avoid any hosepipe situations).

4. Nappy cream - Sudocrem and Bepanthen are our faves.

5. Cotton wool & a bowl of water OR baby wipes. We like Water Wipes which are gentle on bottoms and much easier to wipe baby poo off with (especially the really early black marmite-like stuff...).  Buy them here.

6. Hand sanitiser

7. Nappy bin - we love the Tommee Tippee Sangenic disposal bin. Buy it here.

8. Toys - if you have an older baby (4 months +) they might not sit still unless they have something to play with. Always keep a toy next to the change mat to minimise fidgeting. See our list of toys for every stage here.