Those little dimply bottoms need to be happy...


1. Pampers - definitely the best disposables in our view. We love the New Baby range for newborns and the Baby Dry range from size 2 onwards. They are quite pricey though compared to other brands. Buy them in your local supermarket, or online here.

2. Boots - their super dry range are really soft and will keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours. These are good value for money plus you get lots of Advantage Card points if you join the Boots parenting club. Buy them here.

3. Tesco - great value. We found that they weren't quite as dry as the others but great on a budget (i.e. fine for daytime but we had a few leaks overnight). Buy them here.

4. Huggies Little Swimmers - these are great swim nappies - no accidents to report yet...  Buy them here.

5. Biodegradable nappies - Kit & Kin are our favourites! We’ve also heard great things about Naty by Nature Babycare and Beaming Baby .

If anyone has recommendations on good reusable nappies please let us know!