from antenatal classes to those all IMPORTANT zzzzs...  the highs and lows of the first year of motherhood


A is for antenatal class - phew! They're nice.

B is for birth - do people really do this twice?

C is for newborn cuddles which are just amaze,

D is for the first few weeks which pass in a daze....

E is for epidural - sheer bliss.

Where is that anaesthetist for his thank you kiss?

F is for forgetting the pain, maybe I could do this again?

G is for growth, she was just so small!  And now she can roll, she can sit, she can crawl!

H is for hangover - argh, so not worth it

I is for imperfections, nope, you are perfect

J is for 'jog on' when a stranger makes you angry.

Yes I know my baby is screaming, tired, hungry.

K is for the kindness shown by one mother to another.

However different we are, we're all in this together

L is for lists - we've written loads to keep you sane

M is for monitor - mute it and go to sleep again

N is for nipples, cracked and sore

O is for opening every cupboard and drawer

P is for my non-existent pelvic floor

Q is for quiet, peace please, no more noise...

R is for remote control, one of baby's favourite toys

S is for sleep, for months you'll get none

T is for the tear from your fanny to your bum (yup, that)

U is for unbelievable love - all the good outweighs the tough

V is for vagina - we've discussed it enough!

W is for Whatsapp - for those 3am rants

X is for extra large massive huge pants

Y is for year, that has gone so fast...

Z is for zzz - a decent nights sleep at last.


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