Mummy to baby, do you read me? Roger that. Over and out.


1.  Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor.   Has a very clear video, the monitor can be adjusted remotely, it reports the room temperature and it has a two way function.  And if you have a second baby you can link a second camera to the monitor.  Buy it here.

2. BT 400 Digital Baby Monitor - a great option on a budget. It does the job - great sound quality, volume adjustment, nightlight, two way function. The battery on the receiver doesn't last very long, but it can be plugged in to recharge. Buy it here.

3. Philips AVENT Digital Video Monitor SCD 603/01 with Lullabies.  Another good video monitor with very clear picture that plays remotely activated lullabies.  Buy it here.

4. Foscam Wireless Home and Baby Monitor - A relatively cheap video monitor that does the job.  Buy it here.

5. D-Link Eye-On.  For the tech savvy, and for those who have a good wifi connection.  You can pick up the picture on your phone any time / anywhere, the picture is incredible, and you can adjust the sound threshold so that only loud noises are picked up.  Buy it here.

If you are out and about without a monitor, but have two iOS devices, you can download a baby monitor app which transforms your devices into a monitor and camera.  See for example iSitter Baby Monitor, Cloud Baby Monitor.