it is very stressful (and also very common) if you have a low milk supply.  Here are some ways to boost your boob output


1.  Pump.  Your breasts will respond to increased demand for milk by producing more, so expressing between feeds may help.  Apparently you stimulate milk production if you think about baby when you do!

2. Nursing tea.  Fenugreek is supposed to increase milk supply, so a nursing tea that contains it might help.  We found that Neuners Nursing Tea works wonders.

3. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

4. Eat well.  Make sure you are getting plenty of nourishment since you will burn more calories when breastfeeding.  Oats are supposed to help boost milk supply, which is a good excuse to eat flapjacks.

5. Massage your breasts.  Stimulates the ducts and helps the milk flow.