It would be a miracle if you got through the first twelve months of parenthood without having a meltdown or ten.  Here is some advice that we found both helpful and downright reassuring. 


1.  Take a few minutes to breathe and calm down.  The housework can wait.  Have a bath or try a bit of mindfulness practice like this bell sound meditation.

2.  Know that you are not alone in feeling crazy.  One study found that 69% of new mums and 58% of new dads said that they had experienced intrusive and distressing thoughts in the first year of baby's life.  

3.  Ask for help.  In many communities, it is normal for new parents to get help from grandparents and elders.  You do not have to do everything on your own (and keep your house clean and make tea for every guest that comes by).  Ask for help from friends or family so you can get a nap or have a bath.

4.  Remind yourself that you are doing a brilliant job and your baby is totally and utterly in love with you.  These articles might interest you (warning... weep alert!). 

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     you're doing a good job

5.  If you are feeling depressed, book an appointment with your GP.  You may have post-natal depression, which affects around one in ten women according to the NHS website, where you can find more information on the symptoms and treatment.