YOu are not alone...


1. Breastfeeding clinics - it's not unusual for your baby to have trouble latching on, for you to have sore boobs or nipples or maybe you just feel that breastfeeding isn't for you. There are lots of clinics to help with all these problems and more. Speak to your local GP or children's centre to find out where and when they run. (Tip: get there early, this is where you realise most Mums have breastfeeding problems, the queues can be looong)

2. Antenatal and Postnatal groups - ask your GP or local children's centre about groups nearby. Sometimes you will be sent a letter when your due date is nearing to invite you to an antenatal class.

3. Baby Clinics - your doctors surgery may run a weekly clinic where you can take your baby to be weighed and immunised. (Or the health visitor may visit you at home if you're lucky). This is a good opportunity to talk to a health visitor or nurse about anything that's troubling you regarding yourself or your baby.

Emergency Numbers

1. 999 - UK only - emergencies

2. 112 - UK and all of the EU - emergencies

3. 111 - the NHS urgent care service - for non-emergency health related calls