Hot mama...


It looks like we might get a decent bit of sunshine over the next couple of weeks!! Whether you're chilling out in the garden at home or out and about with your little one, it's so important they don't get too hot, so hopefully this list will help. And whatever you're up to - ENJOY THE SUNSHINE - you never know when it might disappear again X



At home...

1. Sun cream and sun hat - essential to protect your little one from the sun. Use a children's factor 50 sensitive sun cream like Nivea Sun. It can be very frustrating if your little one won't wear a hat, but persevere and distract them with toys while it's on and hopefully they'll soon forget about it... We also love these wraparound baby sunglasses by Baby Banz.

2. Paddling pool - keeps them busy and keeps them cool! Stick your little one in a swim nappy, slather them with sun cream and everyone's happy. We like this one (you can get fancy ones for around £40 but we don't think there's much point spending that much so a simple one will do)

3. Play tent - babies love a little den to climb inside, and one of these is perfect if you don't have much shade in your garden. Pop a few toys in there - happy days. We like this one by Worlds Apart.

4. Summer sleeping bag - if there's a serious heatwave, your baby will be fine sleeping in just a nappy, but during the (normal) British summer, a low tog sleeping bag is a good idea.

5. Fan - a room temperature of 18 degrees is recommended for your baby to safely and comfortably sleep in. If you live in a city and worry about the noise or foxes if you open windows, a decent fan is a good idea if your nursery gets hot during the summer. The Dyson fan is the best one out there in our opinion - no blades so it's safe for little ones, and you can control it with a remote control, buy here.   A free alternative is to put a big bowl of ice in your baby's room - it cools down the air as the ice melts.


Out and about...

1. Sun cream and sun hat - always keep these in your change bag in case the sun decides to put its hat on too...

2. Snoozeshade - Another genius mummy invention we love - The Snoozeshade completely blocks out the sun and keeps your little one cool in their buggy. Great for holidays and summer days out as it allows them to sleep in a cool and shady place. (Never put a muslin over your pram to block out the sun, there is minimal ventilation so your baby can overheat quickly on a hot day.) Buy here.

3. Plenty of water - keep offering your little one water throughout the day. Babies sweat and dehydration can be dangerous. If they're young and still only drinking milk, take a bottle of cool boiled water with you and offer it often.

4. Buggy parasol - again, you should never drape a muslin over your buggy to shade your baby, use a parasol to block out the sun and a Snoozeshade (see above) to keep them cool if you want them to sleep. This universal parasol by John Lewis is perfect for a sunny day, buy here.

5. Buggy fan - these clip-on mini fans are ideal for giving your baby a bit of a breeze in their pushchair.

6. Car sun shade - vital if you want your little one to snooze in the car and not scream because the sun's in their eyes (crying baby when driving = nightmare!) These ones cover the entire car window, and fit any car. Buy here.

7. Baby sunglasses - Baby banz do wraparound sunnies so your little one can't pull them off, buy here.


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