Think it's easy to bathe a baby?  Not always!  Here's some tips that we wish we had known before that first bath...


1. You don't need to bathe a new baby for the first week or two.  The funny white stuff on their skin is apparently an amazing moisturiser that should be left on as long as possible.

2. Temperature should be 34 to 37 degrees celsius  (not 26 degrees as poor Clara suffered in her first bath due to ill informed parents...).

3. Get everything ready before you put baby in the bath.  Towel, nappy, change of clothes at the ready. (Undressing and dressing your baby in the bathroom avoids them getting cold and screaming).

4. If you're alone and struggling to get baby out of the bath and wrapped up warm, try putting a corner of the towel under your chin before lifting baby out of the bath, so that you lift baby straight into the towel. Or use an apron towel like the Cuddledry.

5. Use baby friendly toiletries.

6. Be aware that very young babies often poo in the bath!

7. Babies start enjoying baths at around three months.  Before then they might not like getting in or out of the bath due to the change in temperature.  Hugging your baby tight to your chest when getting them out of the bath can help to keep them warm.

8. You can get mini baby baths or bath inserts (the former are slightly more expensive but save a lot of water).

9. Keep it fun - never put your baby in the bath when they are crying, as they won't link bath time with playtime. Lots of toys, singing and splashing means bath time is associated with fun. Even if your baby is too young too grab toys, bright coloured floating things in the bath are nice for them to look at. See our list of best bath toys for inspiration.

10. It sounds obvious but never, ever leave a baby alone in the bath.  If you need to leave the room to get a towel - or for any reason - empty the bath or take baby with you.