Stitches are relatively common, especially for your first baby. Here's a few tips to help them heal quickly and neatly...


1.  Lavender Oil - Add a few drops to half a cup of milk and pour into a running, warm bath. Bathe three times a day if you can.

2. Tea tree oil - add a few drops to your bath or directly onto your sanitary pad. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic.

3. Change your pad every time you go to the loo or every couple of hours.

4. Lactulose - take a spoonful twice a day to soften your stools (going for a poo is scary!!)

5. Use wipes instead of toilet paper to keep yourself clean. We recommend Bamboo Wipes - super soft and super gentle on sensitive skin, they can be used wet or dry and have the added bonus of being biodegradable.

6. Salt - add LOTS to your bath to help the wound heal.

7. Shower after going to the loo. Or alternatively pour warm water or salt water over your perineum.

8. Hum 'mmmmm' or 'oooooo' when going for a number two. This will help your bowels to work without you straining.

9. Avoid wearing tight trousers or jeans. Leggings, skirts or tracksuit bottoms are more comfortable and will allow more air to get to the wound.

10. Wear large pants - a few sizes up will be much comfier.

11. Air the wound - lie on a towel with no pants on for at least 10 minutes a day.

12. Don't do too much strenuous exercise - this could open your wounds.

13. Antibacterial wash - R added Hibiscrub to her bath as she was advised not to wash the area with shower gel or body wash directly. This seemed to help keep it as clean as possible.

14. If you think you might have an infection go to your GP immediately - any pus, warmth or unpleasant smells are a sign of infection. Antibiotics should knock this on the head quickly.