YOu might not get through quite as many holiday reads as you did before...

If travelling by plane (based on a one week trip)


1. Baby's passport - you can apply here.

2. Nappies - 5-10 a day depending on baby's age, you can always buy nappies abroad since they take up a lot of space. Buy online here.

3. Baby wipes - around 20 a day

4. Nappy cream - Sudocrem do travel sized tubs.

5. Outfits for the baby x 4 - if you're going somewhere hot, the baby will most likely just wear a nappy during the day. You can always wash clothes while you're away.

6. Muslins x 4

7. Small toys x 4

8. Sleepsuits x 7

9. Sleeping bags - at least 2 or 3 in case of accidents (see our list of the best sleep bags here).

10. Monitor (see our list of the best monitors here).

11. Buggy or foldable pushchair - you can take these right up to the aircraft gate and then the airline staff will put it in the hold. We think foldable, one-piece pushchairs are really useful for flying, and much lighter than a travel system buggy. We like Maclaren strollers, Kiddicare have a great selection, or, on a budget - the Babystart from birth pushchair - buy here.

12. Baby carrier - handy for when your pushchair is taken from you at the departure gate.

13. Dummies - if you use a dummy, they are useful on the plane so your baby can regulate the pressure in their ears for take off and landing.

14. The contents of your change bag - see our change bag essentials list. You will need all the same day-to-day things at the airport and on holiday when you're out and about.

15. Empty carrier bags for dirty clothes.

16. Car seat - you can take your own or you can hire a baby car seat from all major car hire companies and they are often brand new or in very good condition as the safety standards are so high. See our list of the best car seats here.

17. Towel if needed - your accommodation may provide these for you. (The Cuddledry towel is an easy to use, lightweight options, buy here)

18. Baby bubble bath and shampoo (we like Johnsons bed time bath, its calming aromas help baby relax before bed, and Neal's Yard baby bath and shampoo, for a touch of luxury)

19. Swim nappies - Huggies Little Swimmers do a range of sizes and a pack isn't too bulky to put in your suitcase (these are not always available overseas).

If formula feeding or weaning

1. Formula (if formula feeding) x 1 box - you can always buy it there if you want to save space.

2. Food (at least enough for travel) - Ella's Kitchen sachets are handy to pack.

3. Plastic bowls x3 and spoons x3

4. Bottles x 4 (if bottle feeding) - you are allowed to take sterilised water and pre-mixed formula in your hand luggage

5. Bottle brush

6. Milton tablets - one pack of 28. An easy way to sterilise without packing that bulky plastic box. You can also get mini ones for a shorter trip - buy here.

7. Bibs (if weaning, at least 10, plus washing powder so you can wash and reuse them). Or, Tommee Tippee make these great disposable bibs - perfect for travelling. Buy here.

8. The Chair Harness is a brilliant light weight harness to strap baby to any seat.

9. Formula powder dispenser - to easily prepare a bottle on the go.

If you are going somewhere hot...

1. Suncream - Factor 50. We like Nivea Sun baby.

2. Snoozeshade - we are a big fan of this, it helps your baby to sleep anywhere (what's not to like...) Buy it here.

3. Sun hat - this anchor design hat is super cute.

4. Sun suit - we like this one from John Lewis.

If you are going somewhere cold...

1. Hat - (one with ears preferably!)

2. Coat - this lined duffle is so cosy and sweet, buy here.

2. Blankets.

3. Footmuff for buggy or pushchair - we love this star print one.

If travelling by car, add to the above

1. Travel cot, mattress and sheets. (See our list of the best travel cots here).

2. Bath support (see our list of the bet ones here).

3. High chair (if weaning) - we love the Ikea Antilop High Chair as it's super easy to dismantle and pack for your hols. Buy it here.

4. Some bigger toys, playmat or bouncer.