got a cupboard full of clothes you daren't try on?

Make sure you get the go-ahead from your GP before starting to exercise again.


1. Post-natal pilates.   Look for a class near you and make sure the teacher knows you gave birth recently, they will check your abs have knitted back together again before you start.  And don't be fooled into thinking this is an easy way to get fit again.. properly taught pilates will HURT.

2. Exercise DVDs.  For the hardcore among you, try Shaun T's Insanity Fast and Furious DVD - 20 minutes of high intensity interval training that you can squeeze into nap time (K's baby finds it highly entertaining to watch her sweating to this).

3. Running.  If you can't leave baby behind, take him/her with you!   There is a huge choice of jogging buggies available.  Park Run organises free weekly timed 5k runs (usually Saturday 9am) which welcome runners of all abilities and mums/dads with buggies.

4. Buggy fit.  Postnatal exercise classes across the UK which you can take baby to and meet other mums.

5. Walking.  Studies show that babies that spend more time outside sleep better at night.  So walking has benefits for you and benefits for baby.