THe best... garden toys

Fling thise patio doors open & enjoy the fresh air


Toys every garden shed should contain

1. Bubble machine - bubbles look so much prettier outside! And babies just love them. There are lots out there but our favourite is this chargeable machine that won’t see you going through loads of batteries and lasts for hours. Perfect for a garden party. Buy here.

2. Wheelbarrow & Gardening tools - we’ve got this one from John Lewis and it’s great! Comes with watering can, flower pots and plastic gardening tools, fun for all ages. Buy here.

3. Inflatable skittles - fun for little ones to play with, throw the ball and collect the skittles, whatever their age. We like the Mr Men Mr Bump inflatable bowling set. Buy here.

4. Paddling pool - a baby needs a paddling pool with a shade, and there’s tons on the market. We like this one that looks like a big fish, and can also become a ball poll. Buy here.

5. Golf clubs - nothing like a bit of healthy competition between family members. We love this colourful kids golf caddy set from Amazon. Buy here.

6. Ride on tractor - this tractor and trailer set is great value and has gardening tools attached: buy here.


Toys your kids will want to drag you outside at 7am for

 7. Sand pit picnic table - these are so fun. Doubles up as a place for the little ones to dine al fresco, take the middle panel out and voila! A sand pit! Buy here.

8. Water play table - most of these are very bright and plastic, but kids absolutely love them! The least offensive one we could find was the Step2 waterwheel play table, buy here.

Toys that will make yours the most fun garden on the street

9. Sunken trampoline - we love sunken trampolines and so do the kids. They are safer and don’t blow away in storms! John Lewis sell this great 7x10ft one. Buy here.

10. Playhouse - there are SO many to choose from, but in our opinion you might as well get something pretty and wooden that the kids won’t get bored of too quickly... we love this two storey house with a balcony and slide. Buy here.

11. Large climbing frame - if your kids are more into climbing than playing house, why not invest in a climbing frame. Again, the market is saturated with them, but we like this well crafted, attractive swing, slide and tower set from TP toys. Buy here.