We've all seen the apps that tell you which fruit your baby resembles each week of pregnancy but who really knows how big a cantaloupe is? Here's some fun alternatives (and pretty accurate too...)


4 Weeks - the dot of an i in a text message

So. so. so. teeny. Yes each of those full stops resembles your little baba. Cuuuute. (half a mm, 0.02")

5 Weeks - a peppercorn

Much bigger than last week already and now detectable on a home pregnancy test (2mm, 0.07")

6 Weeks - a stud earring

Your baby is about 1/4 inch (6mm) long now, and you may start to feel a bit moody or emotional as your pregnancy hormones begin to kick in

7 Weeks - the iPhone home button

The button on your iPhone is the same size as your baby - think about that every time you press it this week... (1.2cm or 0.5")

8 Weeks - an engagement ring

The average lady's ring size is an M, which is 1.6cm (0.65c") in diameter, and that's how big your teeny little bean is too! Not as sparkly or pretty as the ring just yet, but precious all the same :)

9 Weeks - a malteser

Your baby's length is about the same as the diameter of one of these yummy little chocolate biscuity balls (2.3cm or 0.9")

10 Weeks - a Ferrero Rocher

Go on, have one to celebrate that your baby is now 3cm long (1.22")

11 Weeks - a crème egg

Yes, we're staying on confectionary... Cadbury's crème eggs (which have got smaller over the years) are approx. 4.2cm (1.7") of gooey deliciousness

12 Weeks - a pot of nail varnish

Scan time! Your tiny baby will look bigger on that screen but is still just over 2" long (5cm)

13 Weeks - a lipstick

Hope you're starting to feel a bit better if you've had morning sickness - your baby is now about 7.4cm (2.9")

14 Weeks - a credit card

And that card may have a bit of a battering once that bundle of joy arrives...Your little one is now 8.8cm (3.5") long

15 Weeks - a pain au chocolat

Or an apple (we know which we prefer...) Your baby is nearly 4" this week (10cm)

16 Weeks - a mascara wand

Your hair gets thicker when you're pregnant (we hope that means eyelashes too...?!) - baby's length is 13cm (5.1") now. (Time to think about maternity clothes maybe)

17 Weeks - an iPhone

Don't you just wish you could call up that little baba and say hello?! You should start to feel your baby kick very soon - exciting! Try downloading our favourite baby apps onto your baby-sized iPhone. (11.4cm, 4.5")

18 Weeks - a martini glass

An empty one... well, you can have some water in it... or juice...or elderflower cordial (sick of elderflower yet?) Your little one is growing fast and is 14.2cm (5.6") this week

19 Weeks - a champagne glass

Yes, there's a theme here... are you starting to miss the bubbly stuff? (15.3cm, 6")

20 Weeks - a venti salted caramel hot chocolate with cream

You can have that! Hooray!! Scan time again! And this time you can find out if it's a boy or a girl if you want.... (16cm, 6.4")

21 Weeks - ghd hair straighteners

Don't panic, your baby hasn't grown 10 cm in a week! He/she will now be measured from head to heel (before 20 weeks it is measured from head to rump) so technically your baby is now actually 10.5" (26.6cm) as he or she starts to uncurl during the second half of pregnancy. That's right you're halfway - whoop!

22 Weeks - a MacBook air

Your baby weighs almost 1 lb and is 28cm (11") in length this week

23 Weeks - a bottle of gin

Your baby has developed a sense of movement by now so if you dance, he/she can feel it. Go on, put down the bottle of gin and have a boogie... (28.9cm, 11.4")

24 Weeks - a bottle of wine

Sorry... only 16 weeks till you can have one though... (29cm, 11.8")

25 Weeks - a clutch bag

Starting to feel big yet? Well your womb is now the size of a football! But your baby only weighs 1.5lbs and is roughly 34cm (13.5") long now.

26 Weeks - a magnum of wine

Mmmm two whole bottles of wine.... (35.5cm, 14")

27 Weeks - a Mulberry Bayswater handbag

Your baby has eyelashes now and will start to blink this week! (36.5cm, 14.4") It might be time to start browsing for all the things you need for your new arrival - check out our preparing for baby list.

28 Weeks - a can of hairspray

Those cans are pretty long, your baby is growing so fast - 37.5cm (14.8")

29 Weeks - 3 pairs of Louboutins in a row

Or any shoes for that matter... Can your poor swollen feet still fit into them though... your baby is about 38cm (15.2") Have you started kitting out the nursery yet? Have a look at our nursery essentials list.

30 Weeks - a Chihuahua

Measure the average Chihuahua dog from head to tail and that's the length of your baby. Though your baby is hopefully prettier and less yappy.... (40cm, 15.8")

31 Weeks - a beach ball

I bet you're feeling like a bit of beach ball yourself by now... your baby is around 40.5cm (16") this week

32 Weeks - Hunter wellies

Yes, your little one is almost knee-high in length (weird!) You are gaining about 1lb in weight each week by now and half of that goes to your growing baby, who is around 43cm (16.6")

33 Weeks - a laptop

Your baby weighs about 4lbs now and is approximately 43cm long (17")

34 Weeks - a microwave oven

In length only, don't panic! Your little one is 45cm long now (17.7") and is starting to run out of space to manoeuvre in there! We'd start thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag around now.

35 Weeks - a coat hanger

Obviously we're just comparing the length here... your baby now has toenails, fingernails and hair!! And is roughly 42.5cm long (16.7")

36 Weeks - a Swarovski necklace

The standard length of a ladies necklace is 18" and your baby is just over that this week (46cm). Your baby is covered in vernix by now (a white creamy substance protecting her skin)

37 Weeks - a bunch of flowers

Ok, we know bunches of flowers are all different in size but imagine one in your head (a medium to large bunch) and that's about the length of your baby this week (around 48cm or 19") (Hopefully your partner will buy you some around now to celebrate the fact that your baby is at full term - hooray!)

38 Weeks - knee-high boots

Keep an eye out for the 'mucus plug' or 'bloody show' as that could mean it's nearly go time.... (plus you can say two phrases that will make your partner squirm) Your little one is 49cm long now (19.61")

39 Weeks - a large Longchamp tote

You could use your tote as your hospital bag (which should be packed by now!) Check out our list of how to induce labour if you're getting a bit bored and impatient...

40 Weeks - a watermelon

Yes, we know, this one's the same as the fruit chart, but it's such a good comparison to your baby's weight at 'full bake' (6lbs to 9lbs on average) and about 52cm (20.5") long. Not long till you get to meet your little watermelon!



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