'if you can Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...'


1. Set up an online supermarket account so you can have your groceries delivered - during the first few weeks you might not be able to face going to the supermarket with a tiny baby (R raced around in record time in fear she would have to breastfeed in public! Forgetting most of the things on her list...)

2. Fill up your freezer with easy meals for you and your partner to eat in the first few weeks - you probably won't feel like shopping or cooking.

3. Rest - sleep when your baby is sleeping. You need to recover from the birth as well as have some energy for the baby. Your body will get used to the reduced sleep but it takes a little bit of time before the tiredness is reduced (only a couple of weeks, don't panic!)

4. Talk to people - it's hard, everyone who has had a baby probably found it hard, they just can't remember - because once the hard bit's over, it's brilliant :) - so talk to everyone and anyone about how you are feeling, there's no rewards for pretending it's all fun and games when you're really feeling tired and overwhelmed (and a bit sore).

5. Once the hibernation of the first week or so is over, plan something to do each day, even if it's just wandering to the corner shop with the buggy or going for a coffee on your own. Getting out and about is good for you and practising getting your baby out of the house makes it a little less daunting. (It may take half an hour to get sorted at the beginning but you'll be a pro soon and may even be on time for things in a matter of weeks!)