Happy birthday little ones!


1. Micro mini scooter - Let's be honest, your child is going to want a scooter at some point in the next 5 years - you might as well get them started early to minimise the amount of adults they can knock over on the pavement. The micro mini has a seat and lower handle bar to get your toddler used to it, and then the longer handlebar is also included so they can be pros like all those other kids whizzing about. Buy it here.

2. Classic book collections - Beatrix Potter, Paddington Bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, Wind in the Willows or Brother's Grimm all come as beautiful hard back collections for your baby to grow up with. We also love ALL the Julia Donaldson books, which are also available as a set. Soon bedtime stories will become part of your night time routine (if they're not already) so treat your little one to a library addition they will love. All available from Amazon.

3. Djeco stacking boxes - babies love these boxes! Colourful and fun to throw around, stack, put things in, take things out of. They're always a winner. Buy here.

4. IKEA Play kitchen - this is quite a serious present - it may take up a considerable portion of your lounge, but it's very cute and will last a few years as role play becomes a regular activity for your child. It's a good height for a baby learning to walk too. We also love the Toy cash register from the same range - loads of buttons to press, coins and notes to play with. And you can fill your kitchen-that-has-now-become-a-shop with some toy food and utensils.

5. Musical instruments - we love the Halilit First Birthday Band - lots of things to bang, shake and make noise - your baby will love it! We also love the John Lewis Bopping Beats Drumkit and Keyboard - the drums have light up pads and drum sticks, and the keyboard plays lots of different sounds and songs. It won't be a quiet, peaceful birthday...

6. Indigo Jamm wooden ride-on - this is the coolest little wooden moped for your little one to whizz about on. Indigo Jamm make lots of beautiful wooden toys like Freddie the Fire Engine and Colin's Camper Van with little wooden people, which are very high on our babies' wish lists.

7. Magic Touch Piano - this beautiful wooden mini piano from Baby Einstein will be loved by any little one. The brightly coloured ‘keys’ can be played like a normal keyboard or there’s easy tunes to follow. Educational and fun (and great value at only £25). Buy here.

8. Wooden fishing game - we wanted to include some sort of game so you parents can have some fun too! We love this wooden set by Melissa & Doug. Buy here.


Check out our list of toys for every stage for more ideas, and our cool baby brands list for some cute clothing options.


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