Our Favourite Boob accessories to make life a little bit easier...


Breastfeeding products

1. Medela swing electric breast pump - battery operated but also comes with a mains plug. Small, lightweight and relatively quiet. Buy it here.  If efficiency is important to you, try the double breast pump (see here).

2. Silver nursing cups.  If you have sore or bleeding nipples, try these.  No idea how they work but they seem to clear up all problems very quickly!

3. Nursing pads - we like the Lansinoh ones best.

4. Lansinoh nipple cream - sooooo soothing on those cracked nips. (Also works as a lovely lip balm...) Buy it here.

5. Multi-mam compresses - soothing care for cracked, sore or infected nipples. Buy them here.

6. Bosom Buddies breastfeeding oils - three natural oils "Ooh" to soothe engorgement, "Aah" to combat low milk supply, and "Ouch" for sore nipples. Available from Mama Organica.