Let's hear it for the boys...


Man gadgets - boys love toys and we've found a few very cool ones for Daddio to play with...

1. Smartphone projector - this clever little box projects videos from your phone onto your bedroom/ living room wall so you don't have to huddle around the phone and squint. We love it! Buy here.

2. Vertical grill - this cute little cylinder grills man snacks really quickly and comes with a little recipe book of fun things you can make in it. Buy here.

3. Beats headphones - not particular new or innovative but these are surely on every man's wishlist... Buy here.

4. Retro popcorn maker - maybe give them this along with a voucher for watching whatever they want on TV for an hour (or two if you're feeling really generous...) Buy here.


Dad vouchers - we don't mean actual store vouchers, we mean handmade cards by you to give your hubby whatever he really wants. For example:

1. Free reign of the TV for the evening (or just an hour...)

2. Any meal he wants cooked for him

3. An hour of sexy time (or half an hour...)

4. A massage (from you or a professional...)


Something from the kids - it is Father's Day after all... Hers some sweet ideas:

1. Hero and Sidekick matching T-shirts - these are super cute and you can have the little one as the Hero or the Sidekick depending on the dynamics in your family! By blueberrybookids.co.uk

2. Scratch map - Dad and the children can scratch off all the places they've been together. Buy here.

3. Chocolate pizza - what's not to like? Buy here.

4. Photo coasters - have some cute Daddy pics printed and slide them into drinks coasters (with a cold beer on top) to make him smile. Buy here.





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