Who needs dignity anyway...?   embarrassing moments suffered by us, our friends and you


1. "When taking my 2 week old baby to the local health visitor to be weighed (the first time on my own), just as his bum touched the scales he wee-ed, covering himself, me, the scales and my change bag. As I was hurriedly apologising to the unimpressed health visitor, and picking him up off the scales, he projectile pooed, covering himself, me, the scales and my change bag (and a few stray droplets on the health visitor too!). She handed me some blue paper towels and I laughed (otherwise I'd have cried) and said 'this must happen to you all the time'. She frowned and said 'no' and left the room while I cleared up (it took 15 minutes!!)."

2. "I was breastfeeding nervously when baby suddenly decided to break away and look around the room exposing my nipple to my in-laws.  Cringe."

3. "While sitting in a café with my 7 month old waiting for my phone to be repaired (after my baby threw it on the floor), he knocked over my hot chocolate which landed on my lap and covered the crotch of my (white) jeans in brown liquid. I looked like I had had an accident and a lady asked 'are you ok' as I walked out."


There's comfort in crowds!  If you have an embarrassing story to share anonymously to help make others feel better about their misfortunes, please email ideas@babylists.com