You are probably going to rattle through DVD box sets during that last month of pregnancy (feet up) and the first two months of parenthood (round the clock feeding).  Here is a list of box sets that kept us going...


1.  House of Cards.  We bonded over our obsession for this amazing political drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as a ruthless and manipulative congressman and his wife.  Buy here.

2. Scandal.  The fabulous Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, the top 'fixer' in DC, her associates and their sketchy methods of achieving what they want, and her relationship with the White House.  Addictive viewing. Buy here.

3. The Blacklist.  On the first day of Liz's new job as an FBI profile, one of the most wanted fugitives in the U.S. gives himself up, offering to help catch some of the world's worst criminals on condition that he only speaks with Liz.  Intriguing drama with a fascinating back story.  Buy here.

4. The Affair.  Gripping story of a married New York school teacher and a waitress he meets while on a family holiday, and the stories of all of those involved.  Buy here.

5. The Bridge.  Series revolving around a joint Swedish/Danish detective team put together to solve a crime:  a body found in the middle of a bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark, of which half belongs to a Danish prostitute and the other half to a Swedish politician.   Buy here.

6. Orange is the New Black.  Based on a true story, middle class white girl Piper is living her dream life, about to get married, when her shady past catches up with her and she gets a prison sentence.  The series broadly follows her story but the real stars are the other inmates, whose pasts are revealed over the course of the series.  Buy here.

7. Breaking Bad.  If you haven't seen this award winning box set yet, what better time to crack on (ahem!) with watching a school teacher turn into a meth kingpin.  K's friend managed to watch the whole first series while in labour.  A long labour.   Buy it here.

8. Luther.  Brilliant detective Luther (the delectable Idris Elba) is obsessive about tracking down murderers, while dealing with his own demons.  Excellent BBC drama.  Buy here.

9. Sherlock.  Another cracking must-watch drama from the Beeb that we love.  Buy here.

10. Mad Men.  Everyone needs a bit of Don Draper in their lives!  This brilliant 1960s New York advertising industry drama is just brilliant and will keep you going through those long days of waiting for baby.  Buy here.