a few handy things we've learnt...


1. Crossover vests for newborns are great - these allow you to dress your baby without pulling something over their delicate little wobbly head. There are often multiple clothing changes in the first couple of months due to explosive and leaking nappies, and generally dribbly bottoms! So these make life much easier. We like these ones from Mothercare and the cute top and legging sets from Mamas and Papas.

2. Nappy sizes - If your baby's nappy is leaking, it may be time to go up a size. Even if the nappy appears to be a perfect fit or even a little large, any leaks of wee can mean it is a bit small around one area of your baby's bottom, legs or tummy so try the next size up. (R learnt this the hard way - she had only just changed up a size so was convinced that night time leakages couldn't possibly mean the nappy was too small, but after eventually trying the next size up (a size 5 at 5 months!!), the leaking stopped straight away). The weight guides on nappy packs are just general guides, all babies are different shapes and sizes.

3. Fold down shoulder flaps on t-shirts and vests - these allow you to pull the top downwards over the baby's legs rather than their head, which is useful after an up-to-the-neck poo incident.

4. Napisan in your washing machine - don't throw baby clothes away if they are covered in poo, a bit of Napisan powder in your wash disinfects as well as cleaning all traces.

5. Temperature control - It's difficult to know if your baby is too hot or too cold (or just right) - some good rules of thumb are a) dress your newborn in one layer more than yourself. b) Feel the back of their neck to get a good reading of their temperature. c) For older babies - if you're cold, they're likely to be cold. If you're hot, they're likely to be hot. d) It's best to keep your baby on the cool side if in doubt. (R's husband has a horrible saying but it's a good one to remember "Cold babies cry, hot babies die").