A great way to meet other local mums and Start 'Em young with their education.


1. Baby Sensory - We LOVE our local class and Clara and Theo attended from 6 weeks old. Find your nearest representative here

2. Sign Language - Babies pick up sign language earlier than they learn to speak, so can apparently communicate earlier with you with words like milk, more and hug (how cute!).

3. Swimming - These classes are fun and it seems very sensible to teach children safety skills at a very young age.  Try Water Babies , Turtle Tots and SwimKidz.

4. Baby massage - Free classes are available in some children's centres.  It is particularly useful to know how to properly massage baby's tummy if they have wind.

5. Music - Apparently helps baby's early development.   Try Monkey Music or look for cheaper/free classes locally.

There are loads of cheap and free classes run by local libraries and children's centres - look online or ask your health visitor to see what is available in your area.