Father Christmas will undoubtedly spoil your baby rotten But it's fun to buy them a little something too...


1. Something noisy - from around 5 months your baby will love to make a racket. We like the rolling ball train from John Lewis - bright, sturdy, and musical. Buy it here.

2. Something to ride on -  if your baby is approaching one, this is a perfect present to help them zoom about. Our favourites are the Indigo Jamm Scooter and the Baby Ride-on Zebra Shape Sorter.

3. Something to bounce in - the rainforest jumperoo is a sure fire way to keep your baby occupied if they're refusing to nap during Christmas dinner. (From 5 months). Buy it here.

4. Something useful - let's be honest, your baby won't have a clue what Christmas is all about, so why not combine your gift with something you actually need, like a second stage car seat (such as the MaxiCosi Assixfix), baby carrier (the little life ranger is a good option for 6 months plus) or cotbed (Ikea have a great range).

5. Something to keep - how about a personalised Christmas stocking that can be used year after year? Not On The High Street have a lovely selection, we like this old fashioned style sack.