we're afraid This bag will become your handbag for the foreseeable future...


1. Nappies - at least 4

2. Wipes

3. Sudocrem/ bepanthen

4. Nappy bags (those poos can be very smelly, you don't want that smell to follow you around the shops...)

5.  Hand Sanitiser - getting an alcohol free one is good in case your baby grabs it and puts it in his mouth, like everything else! Buy here.

6. Change mat (small foldable one or disposable one)

7. Change of clothing for the baby (and for yourself if you're opposed to wearing sick/poo/snot on your shoulder all day…)

8. Hat

9. Sun cream - a kids sun cream with at least 4 stars and factor 50 or above is good, like Nivea Sun Baby.

10. Muslin - 2

11. Teething gel

12. Dummy

13. Milton wipes (useful if using a dummy to quickly sterilise it if dropped)

14. Toy (if your baby is over 4 months and needs entertaining)

15. Bottle of water for Mum

16. Cereal bar (in case you haven't had time to eat breakfast)

17. Blanket

18. Wallet

19. Phone

20. Keys

21. Lipbalm (Lansinoh nipple cream makes a great lip balm)

22. Whatever you normally carry in your handbag

If breastfeeding

1. Nipple cream

2. Breast Pads

If Bottle feeding

1. Bottles with cooled boiled water in

2. Formula powder in dispenser OR Ready mixed formula bottles

3. Bibs x 2

If weaning or feeding solids

1. Baby food - we like Ella's Kitchen pouches for ease when out and about.

2. Spoons (R keeps her sterilised spoons in a 10oz bottle so they remain clean)

3. Extra bibs

4. Extra wipes for baby's hands and face - we like wet wipes.


1. Buggy, pushchair or baby carrier depending on the outing.