You may have a traditional Christening or religious ceremony, but if this isn't for you, here are some suggestions for other ways to celebrate the birth of your baby.


1. Name a star.   This gift set includes a registration form, certificate, and the position of your star.

2. Make a mould of baby's hand or foot.  You can pay someone to come round and do this for you, or you can buy do-it-yourself casting kits from Amazon here. We also like the do at home, no mess stamp version from John Lewis, buy here.

3. Plant a tree.  An acer makes a nice gift to baby which you can plant in a pot or in your garden and should last for many years.

4. Make a time capsule.  You can collect different items from the year baby was born, newspapers from the birth date etc., and seal it until baby is 18 or 21.

5. Write a letter.  Letters to my baby is a lovely book in which you can write letters to your baby now for them to open when they are older.  You could also ask your parents and grandparents to write a letter.  K's 96 year old grandmother has written a letter for her baby to open when she's older, explaining what the world was like when she was eighteen.  It is amazing.

6. Paint a picture or a wall.  Ask all of the people who are important to your baby to help paint a nursery wall (everyone could paint a flower, or a letter of the alphabet).

7. Have a photoshoot.  Newborn photographers hold photoshoots when the baby is under 2 weeks old, when they are still very sleepy and easy to put into different positions (so cute!).  The pictures are precious and can be made into calendars and albums for family.

8.  Make a charitable donation.  Take a leaf out of the Chan-Zuckerberg book and do something to make the world your baby lives in a better place. Not necessarily a $45billion foundation ;) But you could adopt an animal through St Tiggywinkles or ZSL, sponsor a child's health and eduction, or make some other contribution that is meaningful to your family.