Buying a buggy is both mind-blowing (so much choice!) and eye-watering (so much money!).  Here's some useful things to think about when choosing your buggy.


1. Versatility.  You'll need a flat bassinet / carry cot for your newborn, but at around 4-6 months they'll want to sit up.  Look for a buggy that converts from bassinet to seat to save you having to buy more than one.

2. Urban vs rural.  If you live in an urban area and need to get on public transport then look for a city buggy that has thinner wheels and is easy to collapse for carrying.  If you live in a rural area look for a buggy with tougher, thicker wheels that can cope with rougher terrain.

3. Travelling.  If you'll be driving a lot, make sure the buggy collapses to fit in your boot.  Also, check that your buggy base is compatible with your car seat.  It is very useful to be able to lift the car seat straight out of the car and onto the buggy base, in particular if baby is sleeping, rather than taking baby out of the car seat and into the buggy seat.

4. Number of children.  If for any reason you are planning to push around more than one baby or child, look for a buggy that suits your needs.  You can get double buggies for babies of a similar age, buggies designed for both a baby and a toddler, and buggies with a scooter for young children to ride on.

5. Exercise buggies.  If you plan to go running with your baby, get a running buggy, which are lightweight and designed to minimise shakiness.

6. Seasons.  Thing about when you'll need the buggy so that you have the right accessories at the right time:  rain covers, sun shades, footmuffs etc.

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