Here's some alternatives to screaming into a pillow...


1. Keep your little one happy - this is the key to your happiness after all. Good napping and sleep routines plus lots of fun playtime equal a happy little one. Have a look at our sleeping tips and list of toys for every stage to make sure you're doing all you can to make your baby smile.

2. Relax - you need adult time and time to unwind and clear your mind. Whether it's just a nice cooked meal in the evening with your partner, a night away together or a glass of wine with a friend, it's very important to set aside time for yourself. Rope in a family member to babysit and give yourself a break.  Secret escapes have lots of deals on for UK hotels and spas. Treat yourself!

3. Escape reality with a good book or DVD box set - when your baby is napping, instead of doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, sit down and put your feet up occasionally. Have a look at our list of best DVD box sets to get into, or download a gripping novel.

4. Talk to people - if you are feeling low, talk to family and friends about it. You'll probably find your emotions are totally normal and others can relate and help you feel better. If there's no one you feel you can talk to, go to your GP or call the Samaritans helpline.

5. Get out and about - if you have a very young baby, it is sometimes hard to find the motivation to leave the house, but even if you just push the buggy to the end of the road one day and make it to the coffee shop the next, getting fresh air once a day is great for you and your baby. Have a look at our baby classes list for when you're feeling more confident about being sociable.

6. Have a look at our Staying Sane section for more help and advice if you're becoming overwhelmed.