Floor Time...


1.  The Ikea Leka play mat is just great.  Nice and big with a frog, duck, fish and sun in each corner for baby to play with.   It is great from birth until they start crawling.  Buy it here.

2.  Foam play mats.  If you have sectioned off an area of you home or you have a playroom, put down some foam play mats to protect your floor.  K has the TLCmat Play Mat Puzzle with numbers and is very happy with it.  Buy it here.  The Early Learning Centre also sells a nice one here.

3. The MiniDream Baby Musical Activity play mat is a lovely option if you aren’t a fan of bright colours. It’s grey and white and super soft with three hanging toys and a musical feature. Buy here.

4. The Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym is a nice bright mat with a soft cushion in the middle for baby to lie on his/her tummy and spin around to look at the different sections of the mat.  Buy it here.

5. Personalised playmat made from baby clothes.  K's stepmum made a gorgeous quilted playmat from handpicked fabrics which she loves.  LoveKeepCreate makes personalised quilts from baby's old clothes, which we think is a lovely idea for a keepsake, blanket or playmat.  Take a look on Notonthehighstreet here.

6. Road print motif rug - loads of fun for kids to play with their toy vehicles on. We love this one from H&M home.