Sorry mr rubber duck, you're old news...


1. Colourful plastic cups - babies love to bang these, fill them with water, spill water from them, stack them. Cheap and endless bathtime fun. We love Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers. Buy them here.

2. Waterproof books - R's baby loves a book so she got him one to play with in the bath (she thinks he'll be the next John Grisham...). Buy them here.

3. Bubble blowers - we love bubbles!! The Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower is great. Buy it here.

4. Watermill - interactive and fun. Gowi toys make a great one. Buy it here.

5. Musical toys - we love the VTech Splash & Swim Penguin. Buy him here.

6. Foam letters - Munchkin's set of 36 colourful letters and numbers which stick on the side of the bath. Buy here.

7. Mr Octopus - throw the rings over his legs for a fun bath time game. He's only got six legs so is technically a sextopus but we don't hold it against him. Buy here.

8. Bath time twinklers - a colourful boat, turtle and whale each with a ball inside. When they float in the bath, the light reflects and makes a mesmerising twinkling effect. Buy here.