is your baby Humming the tune of 'the great escape' every time you turn your back....?


1. Stair gate - you may only need one at the top of the stairs for a couple of months once your baby starts to crawl, but you'll probably need one at the bottom eventually... We like the  BabyDan Multidan Extending Safety Gate as it doesn't have a bar along the bottom (no tripping) and it extends to fit your stairs so is suitable for a wider staircase. It is also easy to open and lock with one hand (great for when you are carrying the little escape artist) and is great value. Another option we like is the Kiddyguard Accent Safety Gate which has a retractable material barrier so you can conceal it when it's not in use. (If you don't want to have to drill into the wall, however, the Lindam Sure Shut Axis Gate is a good value option).

2. Furniture straps - fix bookcases and chests of drawers to the walls so your little movers can't pull them down onto themselves. 

3. Socket covers - sticky, dribbly little fingers and plug sockets don't mix so we recommend buying some plastic socket covers for when you're plug sockets aren't in use.

4. Corner cushions - you can buy little foam right-angles to pop over all the sharp corners around the house - amazing how you never noticed your house had so many corners until now... Buy here.

5. Cot bumpers - once your baby can roll, you might want to attach a liner to the bars of your cot so they don't bang into them or get their little wriggly arms and legs stuck. These Airwrap bumpers are made of breathable material and don't have ties, so are much safer than a material bumper.

6. Cupboard and drawer locks - babies are SO nosey! If you don't want them rifling through your drawers or have potentially dangerous or sharp objects you want to keep out of reach, use these safety locks or these safety catches.

7. Door stoppers - so little fingers aren't trapped in doors prone to slamming, or prone to being opened by said little fingers. These little door wedges are placed at the top or side of the door, out of reach, so they can't close fully. Buy here.

8.  Play pen - if you have space for a playpen, they are a brilliant way to keep your little one entertained and safe.  We like the Baby Vivo playpen which is expandable - starting from around 1 x 1 metre, you can add additional panels to fit your space.

9. First Aid Kit - as much as we can try and prevent accidents, your little one may need first aid at some point so it's a good idea to buy a couple of first aid kits (one for the home, one in the car). We like the Reliance Medical Family First Aid Kit and it's much cheaper than putting one together yourself. Buy here.


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