when the purse strings are tight...


1.  Second hand goods.  There is a massive second hand market for baby clothes, furniture and toys.  Try eBay, gumtree, pre-loved, charity shops, NCT sales, freecycle.   Just remember to wash clothes and toys before use, and take care in buying any safety equipment from someone you don't know (for example, we would not recommend buying a car seat second hand).

2.  Hand me downs.  Ask friends with older children if they have anything they can give or sell to you, they will likely be happy to clear out their garage and help you out at the same time.

3.  Home made toys.  Babies don't need expensive toys even though some of them are hard to resist.  One of our friends makes little 'treasure chests' for babies full of household items like wooden spoons, sponges etc, nice textured items for them to chew and play on.  See our list of everyday items that make good toys here.  And while we recommend loads of products we like on this website, lots of them are luxury not necessity.

4.  Ikea.  Our favourite Swedish furniture store has a limited range of baby furniture and toys but they are great value.   The high chair and the play mat are brilliant.

5.  Supermarkets.  Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys all sell baby clothes and toys at a reasonable price.

p.s. Babies don't care how much money you spend on them, they care how much you love them xoxox